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Everyone needs inspiration when trying to achieve a fundraising target.

The first step in planning your fundraising event or activity is an idea of what you want to do. Just in case you need a bit of inspiration in that department, we’ve put together a few fundraising ideas based on themes, with a few helpful hints along the way.

Fundraising is so much easier when you do something that interests you, so be honest with yourself, think of what you are able to manage and plan ahead.


Physical or sporty challenges

From a sponsored jog round the park to a smashing lake swim, lace up your trainers (or grab your swimsuit) and break a sweat for VWD.

Ready, set, go!

Whatever activity you’re planning, make sure you’ve got the right kit and a sponsorship form. And remember – if you’re at all unsure about what’s needed, our community fundraisers can advise you once you've signed up to fundraise for us!

Bake sales to dinner parties

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of brownies to flog or you’re feeding the five thousand in the name of fundraising, every scone you sell or canapé you cook will help us support people living with invisible injuries.

Food for thought

Unsurprisingly, food hygiene should be pretty high on your to do list when you’re planning your event.

Visit the Food Standards Agency   for practical advice.

Raffles and competitions

From organising a raffle (a fundraising favourite for a good reason!) to launching a community competition; let your event take the top spot.
Playing fair

If you’re organising a raffle , it’s a good idea to refer to the Gambling Commission to make sure your event is safe and legal – visit their website at   for more information. 

Weird and wonderful

This is your chance to let your imagination run wild with a fundraising adventure that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

Maybe you’re drawn to a zany, old classic or you’ve got something up your sleeve that’s going to take the fundraising world by storm. 

Keen to get started? Let us know your ideas so we can help you with the trickier stuff, like making sure your event adheres to relevent safety laws. You can also contact our team for advice and help.

Creative and arty

Even if you’ve not particularly artsy, you can always use some creative flair to put together an inspired event like a concert, art sale, or craft stall - whatever you fancy!

Creative solutions

The secret to raising more money is promoting your event - find out how to promote your event and make your fundraising journey as simple as possible.

If you're holding an art event or a concert getting as many people interested as possible will be key, and by advertising through local media (such as your local newspaper) you can reach a much wider audience.

Large scale events

Organising a glittering charity ball or elegant dinner party? Check out our simple tips for making your grand vision a reality.

Plan, plan, plan

Make sure you have enough time to organise everything you need, this may mean cracking on with planning at least nine months before your event.

The guest list

Think about who your target audience is going to be if you’re setting up a ball or auction. Perhaps you can advertise in local media?

Bag the prize

There are lots of ways to maximise the amount you raise at your event, and enviable raffle prizes donated by local businesses are a good place to start.