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  Helping LEAD Independent Lives


We're here for those that have served our country, and you can be too. A corporate partnership with Veterans With Dogs is a great way to make a huge difference to those Veterans with mental health difficulties resulting from military service.


A corporate partnership with us can:

  • Enhance the image of your company by displaying your commitment to support the ex-forces community.
  • Raise the profile of your company within the business community.
  • Improve customer and client relationships by displaying your good will.
  • Create links to other companies supporting Veterans With Dogs.
  • Improve company morale by bringing employees together to support somethingthat is separate from work.
  • Create marketing opportunities by reaching out and connecting with the wider community.


How do corporate partnerships work?
We offer a wide variety of workplace giving and marketing opportunities that can best suit individual company interests, schedules and objectives. Our highly tailored approach has allowed us to achieve successful Business Partnerships with a range of different companies in the UK.


Choose Veterans With Dogs as your 'Charity of the Year'

Fundraising is a great way to bring employees together and can improve personal development and team building. It is a clear indication of your company’s commitment to the local community, which can improve customer and client relations. Companies can further motivate their staff to get involved by offering to match their efforts.


If employees do not have the time to organise a fundraising event, they could always take part in someone else's, such as the London Marathon or a local fun run.

Even something as simple as putting one of our collecting tins in your reception area would be of great benefit.

Corporate Support is vital in our fundraising and marketing activities. Not only does this demonstrate a company's commitment to a gratifying social cause, but it can help to improve staff morale and productivity.

Whether you’re fundraising as a small team or as an entire organisation, perhaps consider raising money for Veterans With Dogs at your place of work. Veterans With Dogs would be more than happy to support your company’s corporate social responsibility programme and engage your employees.

Why not sponsor a puppy and follow it through training and adventures?

Veterans With Dogs is keen to work with a range of companies, large and small, in various sectors. We could be the perfect partner to choose as your company’s charity of the year.