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Edinburgh to Exeter By Hand

Posted by cmacx at 00:15 on 24 Sep 2017


Patrick Medhurst-Feeney joined The Royal Army Veterinary Corps in May 2008, as a teenager. During his time serving with the Corps he served in Afghanistan on both Op Herrick 14 and Op Herrick 19. Unfortunately, due to an ongoing back injury, Patrick was medically discharged from the Army in 2016.


After being involved with the two charities, Veterans With Dogs and Help for Heroes, Patrick decided to take on the mammoth challenge of cycling his trike from Edinburgh to Exeter, a total of 522 miles, to fundraise and 'give back' to the two charities who had helped him since he was medically discharged.

Patrick started at Edinburgh Castle, and traveled to Exeter, Devon over 10 days. He stopped and different locations along the way including, Moffat, Penrith, Lancaster, Widness, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Thornbury and Bridgewater.


“I’ve had a lot of help from ‘Veterans With Dogs’ who have helped me with my mental health. It’s scary to wonder what would have happened to me and a lot of other veterans without their help. As soon as I left the military, I had a huge dip in how I felt about myself and I struggled to find myself in society. Without that support from these charities, I wouldn’t like to think how high the veteran suicide rate would be”.

Patrick has raised over £3000 that will be split between the two charities.