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At Veterans With Dogs, we prioritise the lifelong aftercare of our Veterans and their assistance dogs. Once the partnership is formed and they return home, our dedicated staff remains in close contact, ensuring the success of their bond. We conduct regular follow-ups to assess their progress and address any training or adjustment needs they may have.

If additional training is requested, our skilled and experienced assistance dog instructors provide individualised guidance for the Veterans. They assist with in-home training, graduate follow-up training, and any necessary aftercare to ensure the ongoing development and success of the partnership.

Our Trainers, who are located throughout the UK, serve as the main point of contact for the Veterans during the training programme. They offer continuous support, addressing any training-related concerns and ensuring the partnership's well-being.

We are fully committed to providing high-quality follow-up services to our Veterans throughout the entire working life of the assistance dog partnership. Our comprehensive policies, procedures, and standards of practice are in place to ensure the health, well-being, and proper care of our dogs. This includes veterinary support, physical care, socialisation, training,  respite care for dogs, professional working practices, safety measures, and retirement plans.

Even after the initial training is completed, we continue to provide aftercare tailored to each partnership's specific needs. This can involve routine visits, continuation training, and other activities that promote inclusivity and independence while maintaining a connection with Veterans With Dogs. We strive to ensure that every partnership thrives and receives ongoing support from our organisation.


We Need Your Support

Donations to Veterans With Dogs can change a Veterans' life from hopelessness to optimism.

Your generous donation helps our Veterans facing the visible and invisible wounds of war.  Our Partner Animal Life Skills Programme helps them heal, regain independence and provide life-changing support.