Assistance Dogs

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Unlocking Independence and Empowerment with Specially Trained Assistance Dogs

At Veterans With Dogs, we recognise the remarkable impact that assistance dogs can have on individuals facing specific disabilities. For Veterans grappling with conditions like PTSD, isolation and the overwhelming presence of anxiety and depression often dominate their lives.

That's why we're proud to introduce our pioneering approach of pairing specially trained assistance dogs with Veterans suffering with mental health difficulties, yielding immensely positive outcomes. The transformative power of our groundbreaking PALS (Partner Animal Life Skills) Programme™, designed to train and provide assistance dogs for mental health, is just one facet of the comprehensive support we offer to help Veterans enhance their quality of life and regain independence.

An assistance dog tailored for mental health enables Veterans to lead more independent lives, accompanied by their trusted companions. These remarkable dogs are legally permitted, as defined by the DDA (Equality Act 2010), to accompany their partners in public places such as shops, restaurants, and public transport.

By supporting individuals with disabilities, assistance dogs play a vital role in fostering independence and safety. Our dogs are meticulously trained to perform specific tasks, including initiating daily routines, from waking up to medication reminders, and other activities personalised to each Veteran. They are trained to respond to the anxieties displayed by Veterans in their everyday lives and even in challenging environments characterised by hyper-vigilance. They possess the ability to recognise, indicate, and interrupt signs of anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares.

These behaviours empower Veterans to break free from debilitating cycles, regain emotional control, and employ cognitive-behavioural skills and risk reduction strategies. We understand that every mental health disability is unique, which is why our dogs are carefully matched and custom-trained to meet each Veteran's specific needs.

Once a dog reaches an appropriate standard, we bring the Veteran and dog together in a residential setting. This immersive environment allows the Veteran to train under the supervision of our expert team, fostering a strong bond and equipping them with the necessary skills to work and train alongside their loyal canine partner.

At Veterans With Dogs, we believe in empowering Veterans through the life-changing bond with dogs. Join us on this extraordinary journey of independence, healing, and renewed hope.


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