Community Dogs

Our community dogs play a vital role in engaging with individuals and groups in various settings. With the support of their dedicated handlers, these dogs create meaningful connections and provide companionship in therapeutic environments as well as public engagements.

These dogs possess a friendly and approachable nature, making them eager to meet and greet people. They are naturally calm and confident, adapting well to different situations. They have a playful and fun-loving side, but they can also exhibit a calm and relaxed demeanour when necessary.

Unlike our assistance dogs, who focus primarily on an individual, our community dogs have the wonderful ability to bring the benefits of physical interaction to a wider audience. People enjoy the opportunity to meet our dogs, engage in play, and receive their undivided attention. The joy and smiles they bring to both young and old are immensely rewarding for both our dogs and handlers.

We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to our community dogs and their handlers, enabling them to participate in group activities and represent Veterans With Dogs at public events. Through their presence and interaction, our community dogs make a positive impact and create memorable experiences for all involved.


We Need Your Support

Donations to Veterans With Dogs can change a Veterans' life from hopelessness to optimism.

Your generous donation helps our Veterans facing the visible and invisible wounds of war.  Our Partner Animal Life Skills Programme helps them heal, regain independence and provide life-changing support.