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"As an organisation focused on helping Veterans to lead more independent lives, we are passionate about the life-transforming effects that can happen when we bring people and dogs together.

We’re excited about our future and how we can help more Veterans through partnerships with assistance dogs. We invite you to share our vision and help us to achieve our goals here at Veterans With Dogs."


To support former members of the British Armed Forces, whose psychological or physical well-being may have suffered due to difficult past experiences and challenging life circumstances, via engagement with dogs.
(A Veteran is defined by the Government as any person of any age who has served in the British Armed Forces).


To improve quality of life for Veterans through the companionship of dogs by providing training, education and support services including, but not limited to, Assistance Dogs, companion animals and pets.


VWD recognises the therapeutic bond that exists between Veterans and their dogs, as social support, providing non-judgemental companionship and enhancing quality of life.
Veterans' health and well-being, and that of their dogs, can be promoted through engagement in ownership activities, via participation, and in a network of strong mutual support.
The quality of Veterans' lives, and that of their dogs, is central to what the charity stands for.

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