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Neil's commitment to his partnership has seen him clock up extraordinary miles to be able to train with us at Seale Hayne. He has regularly travelled down from Scotland with Arbhair (pronounced Ar-vair)  which is testimony to the value our Veterans place on reaching assistance dog status.



Neil Marshall has struggled with the mental illness for years and finds it difficult to cope with crowds but, now with the help of his dog, he has been able to take on new challenges. One of those included attending the match at Twickenham, which saw more than 80,000 people attend.


Despite the loud and claustrophobic venue, Neil sat through the entire match with his wife and four-legged companion. After the match, Forces News caught up with Neil to see how he got on.

His wife, Camilla Marshall sat by his side during the match and was so proud that he was able to go. She said: "We've often tried to get to events and we've had to turn back home. It means we can get out and about more as a family - it will be great, it really opens things up, so well done dog."



This newfound freedom now means Neil can start to focus on enjoying life with his family.


Neil and Arbhair have also been award finalists in the Hero Pet category of the 2017 Amplifon Awards. The Amplifon Awards for Brave Britons celebrate the achievements of exceptional people from all walks of life, of all ages and from all over the United Kingdom. To honour Charles Holland’s valiant actions during the Second World War, the awards celebrate acts of courage, bravery and incredible selflessness, showing them to be ‘The Best of British’.


More information about the awards can be found here