World of Tanks Gives Back

Veterans With Dogs has joined forces with World of Tanks, one of the world’s largest online multiplayer games, to create an video-game representation of an assistance dog. Based on a Community Dog, players can add an ‘emblem’ or a Veterans With Dogs inspired skin to their tanks.

World of Tanks puts the player in command of over 800 war machines from the mid-20th century. Players can test their mettle against others from around the world with the ultimate war machines of the era, allowing them to master the art of armoured combat across dozens of maps, guaranteeing diverse tactical gameplay. The game has millions of devoted fans worldwide.

For every dog related customisation such as the dog emblem or 2D style purchased by a player based in the EU between 20th and 30th June, World of Tanks will make a donation to Veterans With Dogs. In addition,  some of our two-legged companions from the charity, will be at Tankfest 2023, which is presented by World of Tanks and runs from 23rd to 25th June. Their will also be a special star appearance on the event’s Online Historical stream on 25th June at 1.30pm.

Commenting on the link-up, Craig MacLellan, Chief Executive of Veterans With Dogs said:

“We are delighted that World of Tanks has created a dog emblem and tank skin. Unfortunately, the need for qualified assistance dogs for current and former members of the British Armed Forces with mental health related issues remains very high. While we have a fantastic network of fundraisers, we are still a small charity, so support from organisations such as World of Tanks will make a huge difference. We are incredibly grateful for their support.”

Krešimir Gusak, Senior Product Manager, World of Tanks, from, which makes World of Tanks said:

We are very proud to work with Veterans With Dogs to bring a dog into World of Tanks so we can raise awareness about all the good work the charity does. Social responsibility is an essential value within our team and mental health and veteran well-being are two causes close to our heart. It has also been great fun to working on this project to creatively bring a dog into the game. Not often in my career do I get to ask for ’’a lot of pictures of dog paws’’ . The VWD team are wonderful people to work with, our team have had a lot of fun working on this project.

World of Tanks Gives Back . . . . 

"As part of World of Tanks' commitment to giving back, we recognise the importance of supporting organisations that work tirelessly to positively impact our communities. We are proud to contribute to their valuable missions.

As such, we teamed up with Veterans With Dogs to raise awareness about their work. We are pleased to announce World of Tanks will donate 10,000 EUR to the charity to help them with their noble cause. 

We’re delighted to announce the proceeds from this donation will go towards raising a future hero dog, and we’ll be inviting the World of Tanks community to take part in naming the puppy as well as following its steps and progress as it goes through its training and journey towards becoming an assistance dog. Stay tuned!"