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Top Ten Tips for Fundraising



1. Start Early

Planning your event can take time, so start early. You could begin by telling your friends and family what you're doing. Maybe they can join in, cheer you on, or help you fundraise. Or maybe they can organise a party for your afterwards...


2. Total Giving

The easiest way of getting sponsored is to go to our TotalGiving page and click on "Fundraise".
Add a photo and message, then email the link around, asking for sponsorship, and watch the money flow in. Good old-fashioned sponsorship forms can also work brilliantly.

3. If you don't ask...

Don't be afraid to ask everyone you can think of for sponsorship. The worst they can say is "no"! The personal approach often works best, so talk to people or email them individually. And don't just tell them what you're doing, tell them why you're doing it.


4. Tick that box

However you collect your money, ask UK taxpayers to tick the Gift Aid box on your JustGiving page or sponsorship form. That means we’ll receive 25p extra from the government for every pound given – a huge bonus for our work.


5. Spread the word

Why not give a talk about your event in your school or workplace? Or write an article for your local newspaper? Or put up the poster we’ve included with this pack? Your local press may also be interested.

6. Get connected


The internet is a great way to get publicity. You could write a blog about the run-up to your event, or promote it on facebook or twitter. One simple way to raise awareness is to add a signature to the bottom of your emails giving the details.

7. Double your money


Ask your employer if they have a matched giving scheme. They could make a big difference by doubling the money you raise. If they don’t have one, ask why not!


8. Starter for ten

There are loads of ways to boost your fundraising. Why not hold a quiz? We can provide the questions. Check out our A-Z of fundraising for other creative ways of meeting your sponsorship target.


9. A picture tells a thousand words

Make sure there’s someone to take photos on the day. These are vital for getting press coverage and donations after your event, and they could be hugely inspiring to other people. Don’t forget to email your photos to us too.


10. We can help

Tell us what you’re doing, and we can help drum up support and publicity. We can also send you T-shirts, leaflets, posters, and collecting tins. We’re with you all the way!