All adults have the right to be safe from harm and live a life free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

At Veterans With Dogs we are passionate about the life changing effects that bringing dogs and Veterans together in order to mitigate the symptoms of mental health conditions. We are committed to providing services and support in a professional and safe way. We have a responsibility to ensure that all Veterans we come into contact with are protected from abuse - that is what Safeguarding is.
So that we meet our responsibilities in a correct and appropriate manner we approach safeguarding in a very straightforward way, making sure that all staff and volunteers have suitable training to understand exactly what safeguarding is, and, most importantly what to do if they have any concerns about safeguarding issues.
Safeguarding is a fundamental part of our work at Veterans With Dogs and we encourage everybody to be part of our commitment to safeguard those we work with, thereby ensuring safety and protection for all.