UK Status

# UKStatus


Prior to the founding of Veterans With Dogs there were no formally recognised programmes for providing Assistance Dogs for those with psychological injuries in the United Kingdom.
Whilst there was provision for an overlapping need, the priority centred on the primary needs of those with physical disabilities.
Although gaining great momentum over the past few years, the recognition of dogs working with psychological disabilities is still very much in its' infancy here in the UK.
Veterans With Dogs is the first organisation to address this need by developing a programme specifically for current and former members of the British Armed Forces, appropriate to the standards specified by Assistance Dogs International AD(I).
Clinicians and health professionals have seen the benefits of a partnership with a dog and how this can transform peoples' lives. We work alongside other organisations within Assistance Dogs (UK) and Assistance Dogs International AD(I), to continue to improve and develop a relevant, cohesive and sustainable training programme for our Veterans, with dogs that are trained to - and cared for - at the highest standards.
VETERANS WITH DOGS qualifies and 'licenses' the dog partnership by independent assessment.
VETERANS WITH DOGS is registered with both Assistance Dogs International AD(I) and Assistance Dogs UK as a candidate member.
We are grateful to all the member organisations of AD (UK) for their continuing support of our development and work.

We do not provide any form of registration for dogs that are not part of the PALS programme.