# Bond-based option training

Our Philosophy

At Veterans With Dogs, we believe that if we are to ask a dog to improve the life of someone in need, then that dog firstly should be able to stand firmly and confidently on its own four feet in the world, and secondly that dog deserves to lead only a truly happy life.
Therefore, rather than focus only on teaching our dogs to perform tasks on command, we ask them to engage with us in learning and provide them the tools to say yes or no to every interaction. By doing this, we develop a bond of trust like no other.
We educate both people and dogs to enrich the lives of one another.



At Veterans With Dogs, we believe strongly in the Bond and living and working with dogs as a partnership. The bond-based approach is a philosophy rooted in the belief that mutually beneficial relationships are those in which trust, respect and confidence combine to form deep and lasting connections. This in turn results in truly authentic assistance from the canine companion when it is most needed and cannot be prompted.



Our dogs are educated using Bond-Based Option Learning (BBOL)™, a system of learning and working together developed exclusively by Veterans With Dogs. BBOL™ is an educational protocol based on social learning which focuses on giving the person the skills to understand their dog and its specific needs and also on giving dogs the skills and information they need to appropriately control their own behaviour rather than training them to respond robotically to cues or commands.