Covid-19: Advice for dog emergencies

In response to the latest government guidelines vet surgeries are now only open for patients for that need essential care to avoid unnecessary suffering or maintain animal welfare. In order to help you understand the best way to look after your dog, please read the advice on this page.

Vets are continuing to provide care for your pets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you experience an emergency with your dog or have any concerns about your dog’s health or welfare, you should initially call your veterinarian and speak to them on the phone.

Your vet may determine that you will need to visit them for an appointment. They will maintain social distancing of 2 meters and arrange to collect your dog from you outside their premises and contact you by phone to discuss the consultation.

If you need to visit the vet to collect flea and worming treatments or repeat medications, please call them first, they may be able to post these to you or arrange a safe collection.

If your dog is due vaccinations, these may be temporarily postponed at this time and can be arranged with your vet as soon as the regulator (RCVS) allows them to do this. 

If you have signed up to receive reminders from your vet, they will write to you to remind you when the social distancing restrictions have been lifted.  You can ask your vet to sign up to receive free reminders from them if you haven’t already!

What constitutes an emergency that needs immediate care?

If any of the below apply to your dog, contact your vet IMMEDIATELY so they can direct you to your nearest available practice.

  1. Breathing difficulties
  2. Open wound injuries
  3. Trauma (e.g. car accidents)
  4. Swallowing hazards
  5. Ingestion of poisonous/harmful substances
  6. Eye problems
  7. Vomiting or diarrhoea especially if your dog appears quiet or depressed or if it is going on for a long time (more than 24 hours)
  8. Swollen abdomen or retching (especially large dogs)
  9. Loss of thirst & appetite
  10. Struggling to give birth
  11. Seizuring/fitting
  12. Collapse



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