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The London Marathon has to be the pinnacle of all marathons with record numbers completing the 26.2 mile journey year-on-year. This year Her Majesty The Queen started the race for over 40,000 competitors.

VWD was lucky to have Jonathon Mearns running for us again, and, in a slight twist we also had Giles Nevill with his own 'Alternative London Marathon'. Jonathon had flown in from Kenya to take part in the race, and Giles had traveled over from France to row, yes 'row' on Concept-2 rowing machine, the same distance as the runners - and at the same time !

So we had good reason to be in London ourselves, to support our athletes on their amazing efforts, and to experience the amazing London spirit of the marathon among the huge crowds.


While Jonathon was running we positioned ourselves at Potters Field Park between City Hall and Tower Bridge in central London, right next to the marathon route - a truly spectacular spot.  The only downside was that it was on one of the hottest days in April in Britain and  Giles didn't have any shade where he was sited right alongside the Queen's Walk. 

Giles successfully completed his "Alternative London Marathon" rowing challenge -  42.195 km in 3 hours, 18 minutes and 58 seconds. He kept a rock steady rhythm of 24 strokes per minute throughout the row and approx 4250m every 20 minutes. 

Trustee Chrissie MacLellan was able to go along to Horseguards with Richard Mearns and Assistance Dog Ziggy to cheer and welcome Jonathon in at the end of his run.