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This year marked the tenth anniversary of the ‘Millies’, where the public honours and celebrates the hard work of the UK Armed Forces.

Veterans With Dogs were nominated in the category of Support to the Armed Forces.

The annual award ceremony, affectionately known as the Milles and hosted by The Sun newspaper, marked its tenth year of highlighting the heroism and sacrifice of our Armed Forces during conflict and peace, from those who ran towards danger in the London and Manchester terror attacks, to divers who spend their days destroying bombs to those who inspire or innovate or go to the aid of others overseas.


Prime Minister Theresa May, who presented an award at the Millies, said we owe the Armed Forces and their families a debt of gratitude, adding: "We’ve heard some stories today of tremendous bravery, hard work and commitment."

To be nominated in the Support for Armed Forces category was an absolute honour, to be recognised for what we do to help those of our Armed Forces who have given our country so much of themselves. We were privileged to be included in these awards alongside so many inspiring people from all of our services. It was also very humbling to hear some of the stories and discover the true resilience of people who operate under often very adverse conditions, and to listen to these people describe their actions in very down to earth terms as just being “part of the job” or “what anyone would do”. But far from it. These individuals and groups of men and women are exceptional people, more often than not putting other people’s lives ahead of their own, to protect, to safe life, and to serve others.


So you might understand just how proud we were to be invited as a nominated organisation to attend these awards, and to meet such inspirational people as those in each of the categories.

When we were announced as winners in our group we were quite simply stunned. We were in shock as we took to the stage to be awarded a Millie for our efforts to help those who have paid their price during service to our country.

We can’t tell you how much this means to everyone of us at VWD. It means everything. All the hard work that each person puts into working with and supporting the charity is now recognised by this award. Our Veterans, staff and volunteers, trainers and puppy socialisers, fundraisers and supporters are all vital parts of what makes VWD so special.

So from us to you all, one big massive thank you.




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