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Looking for a way to make a real difference through your company?

Veterans With Dogs has partnered with a number of companies like yours worldwide. There is so much hope to give, and so many ways to give it. Through a partnership with Veterans With Dogs, your corporate support will make a lasting impact. Join us today and see how you can help transform lives.


pawwprint_blue.pngWhy dogs?

Assistance dogs have a profound effect on the every day lives of those coping with mental health challenges. Our dogs provide the ability to create lasting change for Veterans with mental health conditions.

dog2.pngWhy Veterans?

We all know that our minds matter, but when talking about the effects of war, people only really focus on the visible scars that get left behind. Work with us to help Veterans overcome their experiences and regain their lives.

109f26859e.pngWhy you?

Corporate partnerships and charity giving strengthens employee engagement and increases business value. By aligning your business goals with Veterans With Dogs, you’ll amplify your brand, enhance relationships with customers and foster a positive work environment for your employees.


The legacy we leave together

Together with companies like yours, we’ve made a lasting difference for the Veterans we support.


Whether your organisation can make a regular donation or a one-off corporate gift, your company can truly help change lives for good. You could also claim tax relief from your donations. With your help, veterans can look forward to brighter, healthier futures.

Strategic Partnerships
Event Sponsorship
Fundraising and Marketing
Employee Engagement
Gifts In Kind
Services In Kind
The basis of Veterans With Dogs' mission is on creating life-changing partnerships.  We fulfil our mission by developing partnerships between our former service personnel and assistance dogs.  That effort is supported and made possible through our partnerships with individual supporters, communities, organisations and corporations.
We welcome corporate partnerships as a means for us to realize financial support and the ability to reach more people about our programmes.  In turn, a partnership with VWD can help a company achieve some significant business benefits such as an enhanced image with customers, the demonstration of a commitment to social responsibility, the creation of product differentiation, the generation of an emotional connection to customers, and securing and retaining of valued employees.
Veterans With Dogs do not charge for the services we provide to recipients, so we must raise all funds necessary to support the placement of our assistance dogs.  Assistance dog sponsorships are instrumental in covering the costs associated with raising, training, boarding, lifetime medical care, and placement of an assistance dog with an individual who has a mental health condition. Veterans With Dogs is committed to covering the associated costs for the life of every assistance dog placed with a Veteran. This responsibility means we need considerable help to continue our mission.


Veterans With Dogs can offer exciting and engaging sponsorship packages to fit in with your
company’s corporate social responsibility goals.

Sponsor a dog through training

We can offer you the opportunity to sponsor a dog through training. For a minimum of £5,000 you can
also name the puppy and receive regular updates on their progress through training.

Sponsor our events

We hold several high and low profile events throughout the year, and we have many
opportunities for sponsoring them. It’s also a great way to associate your company with Veterans With Dogs.


A corporate partnership with us can:

Enhance the image of your company by displaying your commitment to support the ex-forces community.   
Raise the profile of your company within the business community.
Improve customer and client relationships by displaying your good will.
Create links to other companies supporting Veterans With Dogs.
Improve company morale by bringing employees together to support something that is separate from work.
Create marketing opportunities by reaching out and connecting with the wider community.



Choose Veterans With Dogs as your 'Charity of the Year'

Fundraising is a great way to bring employees together and can improve personal development and team building. It is a clear indication of your company’s commitment to the local community, which can improve customer and client relations. Companies can further motivate their staff to get involved by offering to match their efforts.

If employees do not have the time to organise a fundraising event, they could always take part in someone else's, such as the London Marathon or a local fun run.
Even something as simple as putting one of our collecting tins in your reception area would be of great benefit.
Whether you’re fundraising as a small team or as an entire organisation, perhaps consider raising money for Veterans With Dogs at your place of work. Veterans With Dogs would be more than happy to support your company’s corporate social responsibility programme and engage your employees.