PALS Programme


The PALS™ (Partner Animal Life Skills) Programme


The PALS™ (Partner Animal Life Skills) Programme is a unique and innovative programme developed by Veterans With Dogs, drawing from the first-hand understanding of the debilitating effects of mental health problems.

Our commitment to excellence is upheld by a team of animal behaviourists, experienced approved assistance dog trainers, and mental health professionals who contribute their expertise to the programme.

The primary focus of the PALS™ Programme is to develop the partnership between the Veteran and the dog, emphasising the bond they share. Veterans learn and practice skills with their dogs that are applicable to everyday life, tailored to their specific needs.

The programme utilises modern professional dog training techniques rooted in proven scientific principles.

The PALS™ Programme comprises various elements, including individual tuition, workshops, seminars, residential experiences, and group activities.

The residential aspect of the programme takes place in a safe environment and offers training opportunities and engaging activities. These experiences enable Veterans to improve their personal life skills, establish networks of support, and ultimately enhance their mental well-being, leading to a more independent lifestyle. And rest assured, our residential are also designed to be enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Through the PALS™ Programme, we aim to empower Veterans with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to navigate their lives more effectively alongside their canine partners. The programme combines professional training, therapeutic activities, and a sense of camaraderie to foster personal growth and overall well-being.