# your generous donation changes lives

VWD receives no government funding and relies entirely on support from individual and corporate sponsors, local communities, clubs and annual fundraising events.  Your generous, tax-deductible donation helps Veterans facing the invisible wounds of war. 

Our assistance dogs helps them heal - with our goal of raising top tier assistance dogs for Veterans and active duty Service Members with trauma challenges.

Your donation today will make a huge difference to the lives of the former servicemen and women who turn to us for support



Donations Help With:



Food And Dietary Supplements

To learn nearly 100 assistance dog commands, each VWD dog needs proper nourishment. This includes premium food, supplements, and of course, treats to motivate learning. In the two-year dog training period, nourishing each pup costs about £1,400.

In addition, high quality nourishment is essential to helping VWD pups thrive. After all, thriving puppies today become tomorrow’s top tier assistance dogs for Veterans and active duty Service Members. And just as importantly, it helps them live long, healthy, and productive lives.


Medicine, Vaccines, And Veterinary Care
At VWD, we aim to raise the healthiest and happiest assistance dogs for our Veterans.
Puppies are vulnerable to illness, parasites, and many medical issues, so routine vet checkups and preventive treatments are critical. Veterans With Dogs spends an average cost of £2,925 on vet visits, exams, vaccines, and preventative care to ensure each our of dogs are in great health.


Training Equipment & Materials

It’s a marvel to see our amazing dogs perform tasks. Teaching assistance dogs for Veterans and active duty Service Members to help means training them where people would normally do these tasks.

This can be in home environments or out in public. For all tasks, we go to the right kind of location to work with them. On average, we spend about £500 per dog on training equipment.


Operational Needs

VWD is busy place! At any given time, we may have dogs at various levels of training, volunteers helping out or learning, puppy parents doing pick-ups and drop-offs, or members of the community visiting us.

Our office location is the hub for our important work – training assistance dogs for Veterans and active duty Service Members.


Bank Transfer
If you wish to donate by bank transfer please use the following details and include your full name in the reference:
Account Name: Veterans With Dogs
Account Number: 21288695
Sort Code: 40-35-23
REF: your name
Please make cheques payable to VETERANS WITH DOGS
(and don't forget to include your contact details so that we can thank you!)
To make a donation by telephone please call 01626 798030 and speak to one of our team.
Donation of Shares
If you have shares which are uneconomical to sell, you can donate them to ShareGift (an independent UK registered charity which specialises in releasing the money locked up in small shareholdings) and nominate Veterans With Dogs to benefit – please also let them know if they can share your details with us as we’d love to thank you.