# Bond-based option training

Our Philosophy

At Veterans With Dogs, we firmly believe that if we are to ask a dog to enhance the life of someone in need, it is essential for that dog to have a strong and confident presence in the world and to deserve nothing less than a truly joyful existence.

Instead of solely focusing on teaching our dogs to perform tasks on command, we strive to engage them in a collaborative learning process, giving them the ability to express consent and choice in every interaction. Through this approach, we foster a unique bond of trust.

We are dedicated to educating both people and dogs, enriching their lives through mutual growth and companionship.




At Veterans With Dogs, we place great emphasis on the bond and the idea of living and working with dogs as true partners. Our bond-based approach is founded on the belief that relationships built on trust, respect, and confidence create profound and enduring connections. It is through these connections that genuine assistance from our canine companions arises, spontaneously and precisely when it is needed most, without the need for prompts or commands.


At Veterans With Dogs, we utilise a unique educational approach known as Bond-Based Option Learning (BBOL)™. This system, developed exclusively by our organisation, is centered around social learning principles. BBOL™ emphasises empowering individuals to understand their dogs and their individual needs, while also equipping the dogs with the necessary skills and information to effectively regulate their own behaviour. Rather than training dogs to simply respond mechanically to cues or commands, BBOL™ focuses on fostering a deeper bond and promoting independent decision-making by the dogs themselves.