Recognising that many Veterans own a dog for the benefits of health and wellbeing, Veterans With Dogs has now introduced a new service to bring together those who own their own dogs, and particularly those dogs that are not assistance dogs.

Paws4Life is designed for Veterans who would like to be part of a small group who take part in activity days, and walks, with like-minded individuals with a common connection as an ex-service man or woman.

This is a fantastic opportunity to socialise together and allow the dogs the benefits of enrichment within a group environment. We have staff members on hand to lead the group in a controlled manner, and ensure that all dogs remain below threshold and have a positive experience throughout our time together.

Each group walks and activity days consists of anything from 3 to 10 dogs (with their owners) and we do our best to ensure that all dogs (and owners) have a pleasant and enjoyable time.

Scheduled walks take place regardless of the weather, so be prepared to get wet and muddy sometimes !  Suitable outdoor clothing appropriate to the time of year is also recommended. Our walks often consist of the whole group playing in any puddle they can find ! Great fun !!! 

Get in touch with us if you are a Veteran who owns your own dog, and would like to join in the fun.



Etiquette for Walks

Each group walk consists of anything from small to a larger group of dogs with their owners and we do our best to ensure that all dogs and owners have a pleasant and enjoyable walk. Scheduled walks take place regardless of the weather, so be prepared to get wet and muddy! Suitable outdoor clothing is recommended.

Our walks are fun for you and your dog, meeting likeminded people for a leisurely walk. P4L will have staff to lead and manage the group walk.

As responsible dog owners we stipulated the following etiquette on our walks:

Children are welcome to the walks so please be aware if you dog is nervous or boisterous around children

Always pick up after you dog

You are responsible for yourself and your dog at all times

Bring along water for your dog

Be aware of all dog interactions, rough play will need to be diffused and you may be asked to place your dog on a lead if necessary

All dogs are to be on lead in car parks and around public facilities

Keep you dogs in sight and under control

Be aware that if anyone else has a dog on the lead do not allow your dog to annoy them.

Ball play and dog toys can be difficult in a large group of dogs and is best avoided

Be responsible around livestock and always use a lead if the walk passes areas with livestock.

A group of dogs will appear intimidating to other users in the public space, please be responsible and use a lead when appropriate.

Sadly, if any dog finds the experience of a group walk stressful, we will make you aware that this environment may not be suitable for you and you dog.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate dogs that are aggressive

No long lines, flexi leads, check chains or slip leads allowed.

All breeds of dogs are welcome

Kind treatment of all dogs and people, any mistreatment or verbal abuse will result in being asked to leave the group.

Unfortunately, the full walks are not always going to be suitable for everyone, including young puppies or older dogs with arthritic problems or severe health issues, however, you are welcome to attend and hang out at the start of the walk area or facilities that may be available at the location.

Lastly, we hope that you and your dog enjoy the walks with VWD and will come and join us for many more.

Currently we have walks scheduled in the South West, Midlands and South East of England.
We will publish any information of additional regions being introduced here